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Endangered Animals

Their Lives Are In Our Hands

dcpanda.gif (29264 bytes)

One of the most endangered animals in the world today

koala3.jpg (28858 bytes)

The once much endangered koala bear

elephant.GIF (31428 bytes)

Little do people know that  the elephant is endangered

WHITEFACE.GIF (42382 bytes)

The rarest specie of tigers on the Earth

HUMPBACK1.GIF (375130 bytes)

Humpback whales are among the endangered animals

CHESTER10.JPG (49918 bytes)

Two playful cubs in captivity

The Pictures above were taken from a copyrighted source, and acknowledged here


       The World itself is a whole unique ecological system. Without doubt, the destruction of any particular species, can and possibly will lead to adverse results. By continuing to not only butcher the world's depleting wildlife, and in the process, their natural habitats, animals and humans alike shall suffer and even perish. To conserve, is to give a chance to the wildlife around us, and to give a chance to yourself. Right here, right now, we sincerely urge one and all of you out there to realise the damage which we are indirectly causing on ourselves, thus to start turning the tables by conserving the increasingly endangered wildlife.